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Declination Axis, Part 2

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Dec shaft out
Here, the Dec shaft has been removed from the Dec housing. Some important components are identified.

With the Dec shaft removed, look down into the Dec housing. Note the small plastic button in the Dec lock mechanism. This button can easily fall out and become lost, so remove it and store it while refurbishing the equatorial head.

Also note that a large plastic washer may remain inside the Dec housing when the Dec shaft is removed. This washer should be removed from the housing.

  Dec lock

Dec worm
  Unscrew and remove the four large hex screws that attach the worm assembly to the Dec shaft. DO NOT REMOVE the small set screw. Each pair of screws is a different length, so be sure to note which screws go in which holes.

The small set screw is used to adjust the tension of the worm drive. It should be left in place. You will likely need to adjust it after reassembling the Dec axis.

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